Walk for the World, Jersey

Join Dr Joe Dispenza on September 23, 2023, to Walk for the World – Our first live international walking meditation.

Location: Le Braye Beach, Jersey

Walk starts: 3pm (meet 2.30pm)

Bring: Walk for the World Meditation on a mobile device (see download links below) and headphones

Price: Your beautiful smile and an open heart

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0: Frequently Asked Questions

Walk for the World 2023 is a global event uniting people across countries and cultures in a live, international walking meditation. On Saturday, September 23 at 3 p.m. BST, people around the world will practice a guided meditation led by Dr Joe Dispenza and joined by participants at the Marco Island Week Long Advanced Retreat.


How do I connect with other Walk for the World participants in my area?

  1. Use the map at Walkforthe.World to find and join a local group.
  2. Enter your location in the top search bar to see what group(s) have already been created.
  3. Click on the pin(s) to see if there is an established Telegram or WhatsApp group. If there is, join the channel and take part in conversations happening in your area.

How do I choose a location for the Walk?

You can join organized groups on predetermined routes (Le Braye beach) or walk by yourself in any inspiring outdoor location. When choosing a route, please consider your safety first and foremost. Consider a city park, lake, or beach that’s relatively quiet and uncrowded, where you will avoid traffic, busy streets, bike lanes, crowds of people, and wildlife. You may even want to practice the walking meditation before finalizing your location.

What is a walking meditation?

The Walking Meditation is an opportunity to practice transitioning from seated meditation (where you change your energy with eyes closed) to an active meditation (where you change your energy while standing with eyes closed) – and then walk in that energy with eyes open. You outwardly demonstrate who you want to be in your future by becoming that person – in mind, body, heart, and soul.

What can I expect during this meditation?

Dr Joe will guide you through a recorded meditation, which will last approximately 50 minutes. You will be standing with eyes closed and walking with eyes open for roughly equal amounts of time.

What do you suggest if I’m not able to walk or stand for that long?

If you are unable to stand or walk, we suggest sitting. If needed, please consult with a licensed medical professional prior to attending to ensure your safety.

What languages will the meditation be available in?

The meditation will be available in English, Spanish, French, German, Polish, Portuguese, Russian and Italian.

How can I access the meditation?

The meditation can be downloaded in English, Portuguese, Polish or French from the links above.

Do I need to bring anything with me?

You must bring your own electronic device and headset (sharing is not recommended). Please ensure your device has ample battery and notifications are silenced to avoid disrupting your meditation. Check the weather beforehand and dress appropriately. Be sure to wear comfortable clothes and walking shoes and consider bringing your own small water bottle and/or backpack to hold personal items. If you require any additional support or assistance (e.g., wheelchair, nurse, etc.), you will need to provide your own support for your participation.

I am new to meditation, can I join?

Everyone is welcome — whether you are new to meditation or an advanced meditator; familiar or unfamiliar with Dr Joe’s teachings; or have been to one of Dr Joe’s retreats.

What happens if I am injured during the event?

By joining, you expressly agree to accept and assume all potential risks associated with this activity. Your participation in the event is purely voluntary, and you elect to participate despite the potential risks. Please be sure to review our General Disclaimer and Liability Waiver prior to participating.

Will assistance be provided to those who are handicapped?

Encephalon will not be providing staff or equipment at any location. If you require any additional support or assistance (e.g., wheelchair, nurse, etc.), you will need to provide your own support for your participation.

Can I walk at another time if 3 p.m. BST isn’t convenient for me?

Yes, you may walk at any time that is convenient for you and conducive to the weather forecast. However, everyone is encouraged to begin their walk as close as possible to 3 p.m. BST so this is a synchronistic event.

What happens if it rains in my area?

Please use your discretion in the event of rain or inclement weather. You may choose to walk or wait until it passes – always consider your safety first.

Do I need to register for the event?

No. All information will be posted to this local site without any need to register. If you wish to register on the global site and access Dr Joe Dispenza's Unlimited information, please register here. Should you register, your data will be processed by Encephalon Inc.

Do I have to pay anything?

Participation in Walk for the World as well as the new walking meditation are free of charge.