Walk for the World, Jersey

Join Dr Joe Dispenza on September 23, 2023, to Walk for the World – Our first live international walking meditation.

Location: Le Braye Beach, Jersey

Walk starts: 3pm (meet 2.30pm)

Bring: Walk for the World Meditation on a mobile device (see download links below) and headphones

Price: Your beautiful smile and an open heart

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2: Walk for the World Introduction

We’re releasing the introduction to Dr Joe’s new Walk for the World Meditation a few days ahead of the meditation itself. This will give you some time to familiarize yourself with the practice.


For those of you who have never before practiced a standing or walking meditation, don’t worry. As Dr Joe explains, all you need to do is follow the instructions.

To download the introduction, simply use the link in the left hand navigation, or you can create a free account on the Unlimited / Dr Joe Dispenza website.

When we walk as one mind and one heart, a higher consciousness emerges. We walk as it with hearts and eyes wide open, releasing the old stories to become an evolved version of ourselves.


  • Familiarisation - Listen to this 10 minute introduction and gain a deeper understanding of how Dr Joe Dispenza will guide you through this walking meditation.
  • Walk As Is - We'll connect in love, gratitude, kindness, and joy