Walk for the World, Jersey

Join Dr Joe Dispenza on September 23, 2023, to Walk for the World – Our first live international walking meditation.

Location: Le Braye Beach, Jersey

Walk starts: 3pm (meet 2.30pm)

Bring: Walk for the World Meditation on a mobile device (see download links below) and headphones

Price: Your beautiful smile and an open heart

Download Links (English)

Download Links (Portuguese)

Download Links (Polish)

Download Links (French)

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3: Walk for the World Meditation (Now Live)

Allow ample time to familiarize yourself with the new meditation – and make sure it’s downloaded and ready – prior to the walk. The meditation will be free to download and stream. Check back here on September 21 for more information.


As a community, we’ll move in cooperation and collaboration – instead of competition. We’ll connect in love, gratitude, kindness, and joy. This global walk is an opportunity for us to emerge as a collective consciousness – and co-create a brilliant new future.


  • Listen to the 10 minute introduction and gain a deeper understanding of how Dr Joe Dispenza will guide you through this walking meditation.
  • Be Yourself - Turn up to Le Braye at 3pm on Saturday 23rd September and Walk As Is with Love & Joy